High Roller

J Ross for web
Professional recording artist J Ross Parelli inspired “K Wax” and other teens to create this song. Click the photo to hear the song, then visit J Ross’s MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/msparrelli

Prescription Pills Roll by Heidi

Heidi for web
Students at the New Directions Tribal Youth Music Academy last summer created fantastic songs with professional artists and rappers. Click on the photo to check it out!

Don’t Do Drugs by Chayse

Chayse and Jose for web
Music rocks! Click on the photo to hear an 8-year-old’s message to teens.

From Teens 2 ur iPod

Teens in the itty-bitty, out-of-the-way community of Shelton, WA rock. Upload this  fantastic skit and song that professional rapper Lamar Hudson and Oakland Bay Junior High Students Against Destructive Decisions students wrote about problem gambling. Cool!! You can do it, too!!

“Shake ‘m Up Break ‘m” Video

From itty-bitty to mega-metro!! You’ve gotta see this. It’s an Emmy-quality short video created by Seattle youth, for youth, that gives you an idea of what gambling addiction does to people. Would YOU steal milk from a baby to feed a gambling addiction? It’s happening right here in Washington State. Kudos to Seattle s Interagency Academy Youth Ensemble for capturing this reality in an AMAZING project. Use your go-juice to create and upload a project, too!!

“Game Over” Video Rocks!

No way!! The game isn’t over yet. Watch this amazing video created by a group of teens from Thurston County, Washington. Known as “the Washington Music Mentors,” they’ve won state and national awards. These teens work with Mr. Todd Denny and his crew to teach teens how to use their go-juice to create lyrics and music rather than trouble. Awesome!!

Cool New Video Project

Submit yours today! Go to “Be A Star” for directions.